ANCOP International (Bermuda)

Partners transforming communities, changing lives


     ANCOP, an acronym for "Answering the Cry of the Poor", is a non-profit founded by Couples for Christ (CFC).  CFC is a global lay organization recognized by Vatican for its work on the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life and values.  It is present in over 100 countries around the world.

     ANCOP is the network of international organizations that supports the Work of CFC ANCOP Global Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines and other Third World countries.  ANCOP is presently in more than 50 locations around the world.    

     ANCOP International (Bermuda) is a registered non-profit charitable organization in Bemuda under the Charities Act, 1978 with Charitable Registration No. 802.   



The logo illustrates that ANCOP is very much aligned with the work of CFC.  The program under ANCOP are to be implemented based on the core values of CFC- Pro God, Pro-Family, Pro-Life and Pro-Poor, with the key principle that Christ is the center of the work and must be proclaimed in word and in deed.

  • The houses represent the Community Development Program, whose primary objective is to provide optimal living conditions for the ANCOP Homes Home Partners, where they could raise their children in a safe and clean environment.
  • The children stand for the CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM which sends school-aged children to school, whether in elementary, high school, college or vocational.  ANCOP believes that through quality education, these children can learn to hope again, and help them fulfill their dreams of a better life for them and their families.
  • Together with the children are the mothers and fathers, as illustrated above.  This simple family illustration (depicting our being Pro-Family) represents Couples for Christ's fulfillment of the mission of building the Church of the Home by providing them support in the spiritual (being Pro-God through evangelization), health (being Pro-Life by providing them medical support and sound health education) and economic (being Pro-Poor through capacity-building in the area of livelihood) aspects.
  • The Circle with the stylized Couples for Christ logo represents the unity that binds all the Family Ministries in this endeavor of uplifting the lives of our poor brethren by opening opportunities for them to help themselves.  This also reminds us of our unity with the Catholic Church in addressing the social issues that affect the faithful.  The Cross is none other than Christ who is the center of our work with the poor.
  • The Dove.  We are moved by the Holy Spirit.  We are empowered to act now.
  • The color green, which is the dominant color of the logo, represents CFC's commitment to care for the environment and all God's creation.
  • The Globe represents the global network of ANCOP and CFC.    


Our mission is to answer the cry of the poor through child education, community development, and humanitarian relief. We do this with the help of dedicated volunteers, partners, and the Holy Spirit. We strive to be an organization you can trust and count on for alleviating the destitution of the poor in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and several countries in Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda.


Answering the Cry of the Poor through Faith and Action

     Anyone can do great works of charity. The challenge is sustaining the work. We work with the help of anyone and everyone with big willing hearts. Our partners, Volunteer architects, engineers and carpenters, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, teachers, writers, people from all religious, social, and academic backgrounds, government and private sectors --- come together with one purpose: answer the cry of the poor.          

     Everyone deserves a decent life with dignity and hope. ANCOP with it's partners and volunteers work hard to help the poor. ANCOP-GK does this through:

Picture yourself living in shanties. Exposed to heat and cold all year long. Filth everywhere. Chaotic. Fights about anything taking place anytime. One unnecessary wrong after another. Everyday.

Our Community Development Program uses volunteers to build colorful, durable and secure homes for the poorest of the poor.  We transform whole communities with thousands of volunteers who build with the beneficiaries. For the poor it gives them great pride and joy because with their own hands they begin to regain their dignity, self esteem and self worth.

The community development program not only provides housing but also other physical structures such as path walks and drainage systems, water and toilet facilities, a school, a livelihood center, a multi-purpose hall and a clinic. In some areas, other structures such as basketball courts and libraries are also constructed once basic infrastructure needs are set up.

Millions of third world children in primary ages would find joy in a used coloring book. Even public education which should be basically free is inaccessible to them.

We provide One-to-One Sponsorship/Education Assistance Program for elementary, high school, college and vocational courses.  Coverage of this programs includes: Educational support, Health & Hygiene, Values Formation, Special Events, Parent Involvement and Program Support.

Our holistic model transforms the poor and their environment. After all, will a person change if the environment remains chaotic?

Our program organizes the community with a neighborhood association, established to inculcate stewardship and ensure accountability, cooperation and unity. Guidelines for community living are decided upon by the members, and new leaders who espouse the values of the association start to emerge.

Peace is achieved not by force, but by mutual adherence to an agreed set of values. This new culture is the key to the community’s sustainability, and sets the community on the road to self reliance.

The ANCOP approach is comprehensive integrated and sustainable.                                                                            



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